Member Types

You may qualify for membership in the American Karaoke Guild under one of the following categories:

  • Performer
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Supporting

Open to those who sing or play instruments live to pre-recorded music for fun or profit.  An Amateur Performer is defined as someone who performs simply for the fun of it and does not offer to perform for a fee. A
Professional Performer is defined as an individual who has been hired to perform for a fee.


Commercial memberships include Karaoke Jockey, Karaoke Venue, and Industry Supplier. They are further defined as follows:

  • Karaoke Jockey – An individual who hosts karaoke entertainment services for a fee. Through Guild membership, karaoke jockeys can participate in focused teleseminars where they get qualified advice and guidance in pursuing their passion for running a karaoke show as a business.
  • Karaoke Venue – An establishment featuring karaoke entertainment. Typical venues include nightclubs, lounges, casinos, bowling alleys, and VFW halls.
  • Industry Supplier – An individual or entity providing karaoke services or products to karaoke purveyors or consumers for a fee for financial gain. Typical suppliers would include retailers, wholesalers, CDG publishers, event or celebrity promoters, and recording studios.


  • Educator – A music teacher, voice trainer. or music therapist
  • Student-18 or Older*
  • Student-13-17*
    *A Student member is anyone enrolled in a recognized public or private educational institution. If you are a student under age 18, you must be at least 13 years old and currently enrolled in school. You must have a parent or legal guardian authorize your Karaoke Guild membership application and enroll as a member, too.

This category is for any individual or entity who is not involved directly in the music entertainment field but who is interested in supporting the goals of the Guild. A supporting member is anyone who is committed to supporting the Karaoke Guild by attending Guild sponsored events, buying any official Guild product, and by mentioning their support for the organization in communication venues as appropriate. Supporting categories include:

  • Patron
  • Professional Association
  • Civic Organization

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