Member Obligations

Guild Member Obligations
One of the first things new members ask is, “What can I do to help the Guild grow?” For karaoke to become a driving force in the music entertainment industry in the 21st Century, we must accept responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. We must get beyond talking about making a difference and take some action. That is what the American Karaoke Guild is all about!

You can play a vital role in contributing to the efforts of the Guild by committing to do your best to meet the following obligations:

  • Honor Our Code of Ethics
  • Abide by Our Rules of Conduct
  • Follow The Karaoke Commandments

There is no “Guild Gestapo”; this is an organization founded on celebration and merriment. Karaoke is supposed to help relieve stress, not create it. We trust you will want to do the right thing by contributing to the positive impact karaoke can have on not just your life but those around you.