Why Join The American Karaoke Guild
Here are just a few of the ways our members say they benefit from singing karaoke and being a part of our group:
Being part of an organized effort, especially AKG events and celebrations, helps me forget my shyness and inspires me to do my best in performing.
Having the words appear on screen while performing not only helps my immediate memory recall but improves my memory overall.
Performing takes my mind off of my daily troubles, resulting in a tremendous amount of stress-relief.
Being encouraged to work on my singing and performance skills and getting to perform before the appreciative live audiences found at events organized or endorsed by the AKG improves my self-esteem.
Being part of the AKG takes karaoke to a new, higher level for me. It’s fun to be around others who view karaoke as a singer’s accompaniment tool and applaud my singing ability.
I hate going to places advertising karaoke only to find that I get chastised for being able to carry a tune. I find when I’m with AKG members, everybody is encouraged to sing their best; there are more fannies in the seats overall, and the bar patrons who can’t sing but appreciate a good performance stay longer.

If you find yourself singing along with the radio or just enjoy singing whenever the mood strikes but have difficulty remembering the lyrics, you will love karaoke! By becoming a member of the American Karaoke Guild, you will have the opportunity to work with peers in building your singing and performance skills while enjoying your time out on the town. Please submit your application to join us now! (Privacy Protected)