Welcome to KaraokeGuild.com

Welcome to the new KaraokeGuild.com! On April 2, 2001, Westward Connections Inc. registered the domain and within days the first edition of our web presence was launched. The company registered the American Karaoke Guild as a DBA and proceeded to enlist karaoke passionistas to help with building the organization. In reviewing market conditions at the end of 2006,  we decided to put everything “karaoke” on indefinite hold.

Now that we are well into the new century, and a time of focused sharing and caring, karaoke has become extremely popular again. We are busy re-inventing the Guild. We own several karaoke domains to complement our efforts in promoting karaoke, and we are looking for strategic partners for this project.

Our mission is to unite singers, service providers, producers, and patrons who share a passion for appearing in or supporting live performances to increase public awareness of the benefits of singing karaoke.